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Developed in cooperation withAlabama Water Watch

Alabama Water Watch (Global Water Watch) has worked with LaMotte Company for over a decade. Since 1992, Director Dr. Bill Deutsch successfully implemented his vision of a self-perpetuating volunteer force of water quality monitors in the state of Alabama. He then proceeded to expand the boundaries of his program not only to surrounding states but worldwide to Asia, South America, and Central America. He developed extensive training modules and levels of certification while working with LaMotte to develop an inexpensive exercise called MacroMania Kit. This exercise introduces students to the use of aquatic macroinvertebrates in water quality monitoring. The mission of the AWW organization is a proud affirmation of their focused efforts:

  • Grassroots program has citizens planning and using information creatively
  • Globally aware and locally active conservation methods
  • Civic education for the sustainable management of food, energy, water, and materials
  • Citizens get an eyes-wide-open understanding of the ramifications of their decisions
  • Keep the data credible through certifications, training, quality assurance, and the principle that "no information is better than wrong information"

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