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Better Water Makes Better Beer

Craft brewing has experienced a renaissance over the last 20 years as old beer styles have been rediscovered and new styles created. Beer and brewing are just like food and cooking—to make a great dish you need to understand your ingredients and seasonings, and brewing a great beer is the same. Beer is 90% water and the quality and mineral content of the water can have a large effect on the beer's flavor.

LaMotte now offers a full line of products for the home and the professional brewer and winemaker. Since 1919 we have been helping to solve analytical challenges by providing innovative solutions through knowledgeable technical guidance, prompt service, and quality products. We are proud to extend this to the brewing and winemaking public.

Ernie Rector, Market Manager for the Industrial Water division of the LaMotte Company, was a recent guest on the popular brewing podcast “Brew Strong” hosted by John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff. The show runs on The Brewing Network and you can listen to the episode,Water Testing at Home with the LaMotte BrewLab®, to hear Ernie discuss the BrewLab®line of kits that were developed with direction by John Palmer.

"People often ask me for advice on brewing water, and the most common question is “what’s the first thing I should do?” A great brewer, like a great chef, understands how the ingredients will affect the brewing process and its results. The first step to understanding the effect of water on brewing a great beer is to know what is in it. The Brewlab®Basic and Brewlab®Plus from the LaMotte Company are economical, easy-to-use test kits to quickly measure the mineral content of water and allow the brewer to make informed decisions in the brewing process. Great beer starts with a knowledgeable brewer."

Quote from John Palmer, author ofHow To Brew, Brewing Classic Styles and Water, A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers.