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Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART)

A simple yet effective method for monitoring the population size and/or activity of specific groups of bacteria. Results are obtained by observation after 2-8 days of room temperature incubation.


With BART, you can monitor for Iron Related Bacteria (IRB), Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria (HAB) - the three most important agents involved in biofouling. Other BART systems are described below. These bacteria can cause corrosion, clogging, fouling of the water, and increased hygiene risks, so it is important to have an easy and accurate method of determining their presence and level of activity.

Easy to use

The BART Biodetector requires no microscope, no laboratory, and no incubator! The test is done at room temperature in your office or treatment room, on a desk, shelf, or in a cupboard, and is viewed daily. Different microorganisms like to grow at different heights in a column of water to which nutrients have been added. BART biodetectors contain nutrients in the base of a column and a ball. The ball restricts the amount of oxygen entering the water column, so that aerobic organisms grow around the ball and anaerobic organisms grow deep down in the water column. By changing the nutrients in the base of the column, different organisms are encouraged to grow. BART determines presence and activity levels.

Easy to analyze

The time taken for a color change (reaction) to occur gives a measure of the population size and activity. A color change occurs in the BART tube as a result of the oxygen gradient diffusing from the bottom upward. The change of color indicates a presence of bacteria within that sample. Interpretation is provided with the kit.

The Test

Full instructions for the use of BART biodetectors are included with your purchase. Each individual test consists of test vial with media and BART ball and an outer tube for spill containment, odor control, disinfection, and disposal.