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Dissolved Salts Meters

High levels of soluble salts in the soil can be caused by excessive fertilization, insufficient watering, poor drainage, or by some contributing salt water intrusion. High concentrations of soluble salts can inhibit plant growth and will reduce overall crop yields. Greenhouse plants and other sensitive crops may be damaged if soluble salts exceed 2000 ppm.

可溶性盐,或全部溶解的盐,是沉降问题red by means of a Conductivity Meter. A conductivity reading measures the capacity of a solution to conduct an electric current and is directly related to the total ionic concentration of dissolved substances in the solution. Thus, the conductivity reading of a soil extract can be converted into a reading of Total Dissolved Salts to indicate combined levels of sulfates, chlorides and other salts in the soil. Extract is prepared using distilled water, not included with meters.