Software End of Service (EOS) Notices

End of Service (EOS) Notices for WaterLink®Connect 1 and WaterLink®DataMate®10 Software

Dear Valued Customer,

These notices serve as the formal End of Service notification to users of LaMotte’sWaterLink®Connect 1andWaterLink®DataMate®10 Softwareset forOctober 1, 2021. LaMotte Company will no longer support these products with software updates nor with technical/software support.

It is recommended users upgrade to one of the current generations of these product lines.

  • WaterLink®Connect 2 to replace WaterLink®Connect 1 and,
  • DataMate®Web or WaterLink®Solutions™ PRO to replace WaterLink®DataMate®10 Software

Please contact Software Support atsoftwaresupport@www.lowldn.comfor details.