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Whether we’re drinking it, washing with it, or swimming in it, clean and healthy water is essential. Yet every industry has different needs for a water analysis program. What’s important is that test results are accurate, that treatments match the need, and records are retained. WaterLink Solutions™ PRO boasts the flexibility to cater to any market, the ease of a modern web program, and the power to support commercial professionals all water-walks of life. And best of all, WaterLink Solutions™ PRO is free. Additional user licenses are available for an additional fee, but are entirely optional.

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*Please read EOS Notice for WaterLink®Connect 1 Software below.

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Flexible Data Management

Tested water is considered a Site. Sites are typically located at a physical address — a Property. Individuals that need to be notified when a water test is completed are Contacts. WaterLink Solutions™ PRO lets you manage each of these entities separately or link them together to build relationships between them. Use as much or as little as you need to get the job done.

  • Manage records across three entities: Properties, Contacts, and Sites
  • Flexible linking of entities builds relationship between your data
  • Intelligent search controls help you find exactly what you are looking for

Powerfully Logical

Enter test results manually, or transfer them usingWaterLink®Connect 2and one of LaMotte’s accurate, reliable meters, like theWaterLink®Spin Touch®. Results are stored in WaterLink Solutions™ by Site with a date and time the test was performed. But it doesn’t stop there. WaterLink Solutions™ Treatment Profile editor provides simple “fill in the blank” rules and a drag and drop interface to build custom water treatment recommendations with previously unseen flexibility.

  • Connect a supported LaMotte meter for live transfer of test results.
  • Build detailed, custom, and incredibly tailored treatment recommendations from an easy-to-use drag and drop editor.
  • Build recommendation Rules then organize them into the proper order to create your recommendations.
  • Drop Rules into Groups so only the right Rules are executed at the right time.

Web and Mobile Apps

With an intuitive web interface, WaterLink Solutions™ PRO can be used from your PC, but if you want to take it on the go, download the WaterLink Solutions™ PRO app for Android®or iOS®. Transfer results over Bluetooth®from the WaterLink®Spin Touch®wherever you are to a supported mobile device.

Free to Use

WaterLink Solutions™ PRO isFreeto use. Sign up and get started immediately. Every account comes with a single User License. Additional user licenses are available for an additional fee, but are entirely optional. Additional addons and feature sets will be available in the future that will expand and grow what WaterLink Solutions™ PRO can do, but the core program will always be free.

Sign up and get started immediatelyDownl WaterLink解决方案™职业注册和软件oad.

*WaterLink®Connect 1 End of Service Notice

This notice serves as the formal End of Service notification to users of LaMotte’s WaterLink®Connect 1 Software/App set for October 1, 2021. LaMotte Company will no longer support this product with software updates nor with technical/software support.

It is recommended users upgrade to one of the current generation of this product line—WaterLink®Connect 2. Please contact Software Support at softwaresupport@www.lowldn.com for details.